Investigators Role in Divorce Proceedings

Divorce Child Custody

Divorces proceedings are often very unpleasant and disturbing. It is not easy for everyone. Marriages are meant to last forever, and when they end, one can feel abandoned. You are ending such a significant relationship in your life, and you need mental and emotional support. It can be tough to manage legal processes. You may not know what to do and what you should not do.

Private Investigators can help you a lot in this matter. They will let you know the legal actions and will collect all kinds of information for you. We always prefer to hire an excellent private investigator from a trusted website like Optical Investigations. Optical Investigators will provide you experienced and qualified private investigators that can help you with the following reasons.

Evidence of Misconduct

When filing for divorce or going through divorce proceedings, you have to prove that you are the ‘wronged party.’ You have to gather and submit proves of any misconduct or adultery your partner is doing or had done before.

The first thing you should do is ask your partner to admit the wrong stuff and behavior. But if your partner disagrees and tells you that these are just accusations, then you need to collect pieces of evidence on your own. For this procedure, you need a private investigator. A Private Investigator will help you manage pieces of evidence to make your case stronger.

A private investigator will follow your partner’s step, check his records, and find useful information you might need to know and collect. Private Investigators at Optical Investigators have experience in managing data through surveillance or any other sources. You can contact them at any time of the day, and they will provide you with everything you need keeping your identity private from the general public. Client’s satisfaction is always their topmost priority.


The important thing you need to know at this crucial time is the financial status of your partner. It is a possibility that your partner is trying to hide assets from you illegally by keeping you in the dark. You must know the assets your partner owns or have. This usually happens when your partner handles most financial decisions and does not tell you much about it.

Your partner can hide the assets they own in many ways, like they may pay off their friends and family who hold the partner’s funds until or after the divorce. They can move their funds to an offshore account or sell their property and buy it after the divorce. So you need to know about these things as well.

On the other hand, if you are the party who is paying financial support, the other party can hide their assets, so you have to continue supporting them financially. In all these situations, a personal investigator can help you a lot. A private investigator can run background checks and financial records of your partner to find such assets. They can also search SEC filings to see if your partner is hiding some personal or business assets from you. Optical Investigators will provide you Private investigators that will fulfill all your requirements. They will give you information with proofs so your family lawyer can represent them at court legally, and you get your fair share of the money.

Child Custody

You never wanted to leave your child under a bad influence or at a place that can be harmful to your child. Even if it’s your partner. If you think you know or feel that your child is not safe with your partner and want child custody, you need to involve a private investigator.

A private investigator will help you find pieces of evidence if your partner is involved in some criminal activities. A private investigator will check and keep an eye on your partner’s activities and collect proofs for your case. The private investigator you hire may conduct surveillance to see if your partner is involved in some drugs or alcohol. Similarly, if your child is being abused, the Private Investigator will help you finding pieces of evidence for that too so you can present your case and take your child’s custody. They can ask about your child and partner’s relations with neighbors or teachers to collect proof.

Optical Investigators is a well-known website and is available for their clients round the clock. You can find an excellent private investigator who can deal with all your problems and issues and provide you with the evidence you need. All your questions and issues will be solved, and you can have the advantages of the evidence in the court.


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